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Brand new Early Reader books from Orion absolutely packed with oodles of full colour illustrations!


The Parent Swap Shop - Francesca Simon
2 June 2011

Ava is sick and tired of her parents always telling her what to do. Nag nag nag. Why can't she have the kind of parents that let her eat sweets all day? Or parents who never make her go to bed, or eat vegetables? Then she sees an advert for the Parent Swap Shop, and Ava knows it's time to trade in the old ones for a new and improved Mum and Dad.


Cudweed's Birthday - Marcus Sedgwick 
1 July 2011

Cudweed's birthday is coming up, and, like all small boys, he has big ideas and many lists about the presents he'd really like. Will he get his heart's desire: a small but noisy monkey?

Cudweed in Outer Space - Marcus Sedgwick  
5 July 2012

Cudweed encounters aliens and a time machine in this funny quirky story,perfect for beginner readers.

Mr. P's Naughty Book - Francesca Simon
2 June 2012

Mr. P's Naughty Book has the perfect punishment for very naughty act in the world. Each day Mr. P's telephone rings with parents desperate for his advice. But the Naughty Book never seem to get it quite right - with chaotic results.

The Cafe at the Edge of the Moon - Francesca Simon  
4 April 2013

Janey is fed up of being told what to do by her mum and dad. So she jets off the cafe at the edge of the moon where she can do anything she likes - eating pudding first, splashing in puddles and racing a moon dinosaur. 

Cudweed and the Time Machine - Marcus Sedgwick  
4 July 2013

Cudweed comes face to face with Roman soldiers. dinosaurs and Vikings in this funny, quirky story, perfect for beginner readers.