Books - Monstar!

She's green. She's fluffy. She loves porridge. She's Monstar!

Jon and Jen are so excited to meet Monstar. They have wanted a pet for ages. But Monstar is much more trouble than they could ever have imagined!

Charming, heart-warming Early Reader stories from Steve Cole, author of Astrosaurs, the Young Blood books, and a talented Doctor Who scriptwriter.

With full colour artwork on every page by Pete Williamson.

Publication dates:

Monstar Finds A Home - 10th April 2014

Monstar, the Superhero - 5th June 2014

Monstar Makes A Wish - 2 October 2014

Monstar's Perfect Pet - 14 July 2016

Monstar and the Haunted House - 6 October 2016

Monstar's Messy School Day - 10 August 2017 

From Orion Children's books.